How to Buy and Install RAM

One of the best steps a computer user can do to improve their computer’s performance is adding more RAM. RAM, or random access memory, functions as a temporary storage unit for the thousands of processes a computer executes. More RAM means the computer can store and retrieve more information at a time, making performance smoother.

Run Android Apps on Your Windows PC

Google’s Android software has grown into an extremely successful mobile platform. Many users enjoy the freedom associated with owning an Android phone. Since it is an open-source platform, anyone with the technical know-how is free to view, edit, or even modify the Android source code. This has given developers a lot of freedom to develop […]

How to Repair a Damaged Excel Spreadsheet

A damaged or corrupted file can be an enervating experience. We all trust our computers to store the product of our sweat and tears, and to lose it all on a bug or complication can be a nightmare. Thankfully, software engineers are sensitive to this problem, and have installed safeguards into the Microsoft Excel program. […]

Four Essential Firefox Add-Ons

So, you’ve just broken free from Internet Explorer and you’re looking to get in on the Firefox Revolution. Great! One of the wonderful things about this open source browser is that it has a wide variety of Add-ons to turn your web browsing experience into something faster, more productive, and more fun than you imagined! […]

Don’t Throw That Toner Cartridge Away – Donate It to a Worthy Cause

No matter where you work and what you do, you’re absolutely going to have an assortment of used and useless toner cartridges laying about. While most people just throw them out, studies have shown that this not only isn’t environmentally friendly, but can be harmful to the environment as well. These plastic toner cartridges can […]