Don’t Throw That Toner Cartridge Away – Donate It to a Worthy Cause

No matter where you work and what you do, you’re absolutely going to have an assortment of used and useless toner cartridges laying about. While most people just throw them out, studies have shown that this not only isn’t environmentally friendly, but can be harmful to the environment as well. These plastic toner cartridges can […]

What Is Jailbreaking an iPhone?

Jailbreaking is a growing trend among iPhone users who want to add more functionality to there phone. Jailbreaking is a method of altering an iPhone so that third-party applications and software can run on the phone, and otherwise locked features can be used. Jay Freeman, the founder of Cydia, an app store for jailbroken iPhones, […]

How to Put ICE (In Case of Emergency) Details on an Android Phone

None of us know when an emergency will occur due to an allergic response, vehicle accident, or environmental disaster; but, it makes sense to be prepared. First responders – emergency medical technicians (EMTs), police, and doctors – try to gather as much information as possible, in a short amount of time, in order to save […]

Chosing an Android Notepad App

The Android and iPhone are at odds for a dozen reasons, but the center of these is that the Android app store is entirely open source. This is starkly different from the iPhone app store, which is filled only with Apple-approved and analyzed apps. Whereas the iPhone store is effectively a command economy under the […]

How to Recover Deleted Files from a Flash Drive

An example of a flash memory card is an SD card or even a Sony memory stick. Flash memory cards are removable storage devices that can be used for cameras or even hand held game consoles, such as the PSP, or the Play Station Portable. Flash memory cards such as the Sony memory stick is […]