How to Buy and Install RAM

One of the best steps a computer user can do to improve their computer’s performance is adding more RAM. RAM, or random access memory, functions as a temporary storage unit for the thousands of processes a computer executes. More RAM means the computer can store and retrieve more information at a time, making performance smoother.

How Effective is a Dual Monitor Setup Compared to Single Monitors?

As technology gets cheaper, and computers become more common, more and more people are adopting dual monitor setups to increase their screen area and productivity. Using two monitors instead of one can make you more efficient as you have to spend less time switching applications, and can see more information one what is essentially one […]

Tips to Choose the Best Flat Screen Monitor

With technology constantly changing, consumers may feel overwhelmed when it comes time to choose a monitor for their computer. Flat screen monitors are all the rage today. Their sleek, compact design and crisp picture make them very appealing. If you are planning on purchasing a new flat screen monitor, you are going to want the […]

Buying Portable Speakers For Your Computer

Portable speakers are inexpensive to buy, and are a quality way to get sound for your computer. Most places sell them for between $10 and $20. They take the standard 3.5 mm jack, and transfer the signal with very little interference from radio waves and outside sources. They can just as easily be hooked up […]

What Do You Know About USB Computer Speakers?

If you answered “not much” you’re not alone. Most people have no idea what different components of their computers are, or how they work. They simply take them for granted and accept that they do what is needed.