What You Should Know Before Buying a USB Hub

Universal Serial Bus (USB) is a communication specification designed to form two-way connections from a desktop computer or a laptop to computer peripheral devices. USB has become the standard way to connect your computer to many peripherals: keyboards, mice, printers, flash drives, external hard drives, digital cameras, and personal media players. USB has also become […]

Ink and Toner differences

The most apparent difference that separates Ink and Toner cartridges is the equipment that each are respectively used in. While Ink is typically used in Inkjet printers, toner has a wide variety of other uses besides printing, including copiers. However, toner is most commonly used in laser printers, which are seen as a luxury due […]

How to Securely Wipe a Dead Hard Drive

Most computer users aren’t aware of how persistent the data on their computer really is. The truth is that placing files into the recycling bin and emptying it doesn’t really erase the files. Installing a new operating system or reformatting the hard drive will make files more difficult to recover, but they are still there […]

Troubleshoooting CPU Problems

Computers nowadays are a great deal more reliable than they were 15 years ago. However they still are mechanical devices, and all mechanical devices are subject to breakdowns. It can be very distressing when your machine begins to “lock up” or stop responding, or starts to a blank screen. There are several simple steps you […]

How to Choose the Right Colour Printer

Learning how to choose the right colour printer is easy once you understand what to look for in a quality product. Here are a few hints that can help beginners learn how to choose the right colour printer effortlessly the first time round: