How to Choose an All-In-One Printer For a Home Office

Most people don’t have a lot of room in their home office and so it is important to wisely choose which components will go into the office. For this reason alone, an all-in-one printer is a great idea. However, there are several things you will want to take into consideration as you shop for one […]

How To Choose A PC Case

Building your own PC is fun and best of all, you get exactly what you want and ONLY what you want. When choosing a PC case or PC tower, the amount of choices can be boggling. You have choices like style, colors, clear side windows or no window and more. However, while things like color […]

Air Versus Liquid Cooled Tower Cases

Since the inception of personal computers, the need for more processing power has often gone hand in hand with the need for more efficient cooling. An overheated processor can slow down efficiency, induce shut down, or even melt the circuit board. For gaming and other CPU intensive tasks, having an adequate cooling unit is a […]

Correctly maintaining your UPS

Most modern computers have many background processes that require a proper shutdown. An Uninterruptable Power Supply (or UPS) is a great piece of equipment to have in your computing system. It functions as a battery backup for your personal computer. Having a UPS insures that you have a chance to power down your system properly […]

External Hard Disks For Personal Use

There are tons of external hard disks that can be utilized for personal use. These external disk drives are portable and great sources of backups. External drives that were capable of holding large data backups were previously for organizational data. Users were stuck with floppy disks as their only external form of backup media. These […]