Treating your Batteries Right

Think back to why it was that you chose a laptop over a desktop computer. Each of us have our own personal reasons, but most of them revolve around freedom to compute where and when you want or saving space. Whether you do your computing from your recliner or on the road for work, you […]

Simple Issues You Come Across With Printers

Even the highest quality printers will give you a little trouble from time to time. The key is to become familiar with your printer so that you can troubleshoot the simple issues when they occur. Keep your owner’s manual handy and always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. While you shouldn’t attempt to actually service your printer, […]

How to Buy a Power Supply Unit

Whether one is building a computer from scratch or trying to resurrect an old friend, choosing the correct power supply unit is critical. The power supply unit not only provides power for the machine, it also regulates the energy as it comes through the cord and smooths out minute surges the surge protector did not […]

How to Maintain Your Laptop’s Li-Ion Battery

Newer laptops typically come with Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) batteries. This newer technology means that you have a smaller, lighter battery: one that is capable of holding more power despite the reduced size and weight.