Recover Accidentally Deleted Emails From Outlook

If you decide that you need to recover a deleted message from Outlook, you have a few options at your disposal. When you initially delete a message in Outlook, it is moved to the Deleted items folder. This is similar to the way that a file is moved to the recycle bin in Windows. Once […]

Is Backing Up Online Safe?

The growing ubiquity of broadband Internet access combined with ever decreasing data storage prices have led to an explosion in online data backup services over the past several years. Numerous businesses today offer services that are designed to give consumers and enterprises a way to quickly and securely back-up their critical data to remotely located […]

What to Do When the Web is Down

The web, just like most other things that we use daily, is a type of machine. It is a giant machine maintained and used by billions across the globe. Like any other machine, repairs become necessary. These repairs can be routine (like updating pictures, text, prices, etc.) or emergency (such as after a malicious attack […]

Customize Your Menus in Firefox

The Firefox web browser is a very powerful and popular open source browser that is managed and developed by the Mozilla Corporation. It is the second most popular web browser after Microsoft’s Internet Explorer based on worldwide usage. The latest version, Firefox 3.5 has a variety of features that include tabbed browsing, one-click bookmarking, private […]

How to Permanently Delete Internet History

As you sprint or stroll through the web, every step leaves a footprint behind in the form of Internet history files. Allowing these ghosts of past activity can have several obvious drawbacks, the usage of system resources and most notably your precious privacy. Increasingly rare in an electronic age, privacy has been displaced as every […]