How Does HTTPS Work?

The Internet has evolved quickly. While it originally only provided access to educational and military-related information, the Web has grown into a flourishing medium through which the general population can send and receive information of all varieties. Although this power has greatly advanced the world, there are risks associated with such easy access. In order […]

How to Speed Up Google Chrome

Google Chrome burst onto the browser scene with one defining characteristic: speed. Chrome does a lot well, and in most cases, it does it faster than the competition can. Perhaps what’s most impressive about this is that the developers do not have Chrome fine-tuned in its default configuration. That’s right. It has the potential for […]

How Can I Make My Computer More Internet Secure

Anyone using a computer to browse the internet has probably heard of potential threats to their security online. While these threats are quite real and likely to grow as use of the internet becomes even more commonplace than it is now, there are certain methods that internet users can use in order to reduce their […]

Dropbox: The Best Online File Storage

Backing up important files is one of the simplest actions a person can take to avoid massive headaches in the event of a computer virus or a crashed machine. Unfortunately, no matter how hard companies like Microsoft or Apple work to build stable, protected machines, there are always threats, even if they take the form […]

Discover Online PC Support

Once upon a time, if a problem was experienced with a computer, the technician had to come to the computer in order to evaluate and fix the problem. This entailed setting up an appointment and hoping the technician would be available immediately. All work stopped until the technician arrived, a severe inconvenience to say the […]