Run Linux Apps On Your Windows Machine

It goes without saying that Linux is full of a wide variety of useful applications that aren’t found anywhere else. Ubuntu in particular is a good example of a Linux package full of these applications. Linux itself is a very good operating system to use. However, what happens when a Linux user, for whatever reason, […]

The Most Persistent Linux Myths Debunked

In spite of the fact that Linux has been in use for almost twenty years now, it’s still one of the most criminally underrated operating systems in the world. Although Linux has proven it’s worth both in the IT world on countless servers and mainframes and the consumer sphere on millions of desktop and notebook […]

Build a $200 Linux PC

Due to the rapid rate at which technology progresses, the price of computer parts drop substantially over short periods of time. With this in mind, it is certainly possible to build a Linux PC for under $200. Granted, you won’t have all the bells and whistles of more expensive machines, but you will have a […]

Basic Unix Commands

Q. How do I view the contents of a file? A. cat filename The cat command will display the contents of a file. Q. How do I view the contents of a file when it is too long to view on the screen?