Set Up Your Home Network With Windows 7

The release of the Windows 7 operating system by Microsoft this past year was met with fevered excitement by millions of desktop and notebook computer users who have been complaining about the inadequacies of Windows Vista for years. With good reason, Windows 7 received almost universal praise for its simplified interface and design, as well […]

What Is the Difference Between a Hub and a Router?

A wired or a wireless network allows computers to communicate and share information with each other. Various technology components are required to enable this connectivity and to efficiently manage the data traffic that flows over such networks. Network hubs and network routers are two such components. Both have important but very different roles to play […]

Wireless Printer Router – A Best Saving Device

Technology has come a long way. Computers have advanced from large towers with very little memory and hard drive space to small form factor desktops with large hard drives and huge amounts of memory. The transformation has given users the ability to multitask, and this has presented an even greater need for portability at home […]

Economical Wireless Routers

Having a wireless router was once a status symbol. Only the proverbial Joneses and those who could keep up with them had these nifty devices in their homes. The thought of an un-tethered home network left many consumers giddy with the concept, and maybe a little intimidated by the process of hooking up such a […]

Browse the Web Anywhere on a Netbook

One of the main advantages of a netbook is that users can browse the web anywhere if they have an integrated or external modem, or if they simply happen to be near one of the many WiFi spots around the world. Most netbooks offer plenty of performance for browsing even media-rich websites, though there are […]