Are you a potential victim of the wireless security myths?

If you think your wireless network is 100% secure, you should read this and re-consider whether you are a victim of the wireless security myth. Myth 1: My network is secure, because I don’t use wireless access.

Wireless Troubleshooting – What to Do For Limited Or No Connectivity

Setting up a wireless network can prove to be the easiest and most convenient way to allow multiple computers or laptops to access an internet connection, but frustrating error messages often leave users wondering what they did wrong and what will be required to fix the problem. When a limited or no connectivity issue arises, […]

Keeping your neighbors out of your network

Maybe you’ve seen signs of traffic going through your wireless router, when none of your devices are even turned on. Maybe you just want to insure that no-one else taps into your internet connection. After all, a freeloader could get you in legal trouble by downloading questionable material through your connection. In any case, you […]

Wireless Routers Made Easy

Afraid your next shopping trip for a wireless router will end in hair pulling and smashing your head against multiple walls?  Worry no more.  The many available options and fast advances of technology can make choosing a wireless router somewhat overwhelming, but if you are armed with a few details, your purchase will be easy […]