Are you a potential victim of the wireless security myths?

If you think your wireless network is 100% secure, you should read this and re-consider whether you are a victim of the wireless security myth. Myth 1: My network is secure, because I don’t use wireless access.

Keeping your neighbors out of your network

Maybe you’ve seen signs of traffic going through your wireless router, when none of your devices are even turned on. Maybe you just want to insure that no-one else taps into your internet connection. After all, a freeloader could get you in legal trouble by downloading questionable material through your connection. In any case, you […]

A Glance at Computer Firewall Security

Computers are an important part of many people’s lives. They affect personal and business matters in a multitude of ways. Often times, your most personal information is stored on your computers. When people use computers, they open themselves up to the risks of having their information tampered with or stolen. This is why setting up […]

Practice Safer Web Surfing – Use Protection

Whenever you are surfing the internet you may be exposing your computer and personal information to certain risks. The most common dangers that you could encounter online are viruses and malware. In order to better protect yourself, you need to have an understanding of these threats and how they can compromise your security.

Important Ways To Secure Your Wireless Connection

It is very important to secure your wireless connection. Data transferred through a wireless internet connection can be hacked by the internet hackers more easily than the data transferred through a wired internet service. To secure your wireless internet connection, the details of the default login must be altered after the completion of set up […]