How to Know My Computer Has a Virus

Computer viruses are meant to damage, steal, or destroy your computer. They’re often the product of greed. Shady companies or people will attempt to create viruses that extract personal information from your computer so that they can exploit that information for financial gain. This is a scary prospect for most people. Other viruses are the […]

How Choose a Spyware Remover

Spyware removers inherently sound like a good idea. Spyware is bad. Removing spyware is good. Unfortunately the Internet is full of sneaky people and companies that love to hide behind the mask of spyware in order to earn a download to your computer and a ticket to your information and resources. It’s for this reason […]

Windows Defence Removal Tutorial – Fix Windows Defence Quick & Easy

Windows Defence is nothing more than a rogue anti-spyware program that will show you some false security threats present in your system and claim that your computer has been infected with many different kinds of malware. It is a type of fake anti malware scanner that will claim it has found several types of viruses […]

Creating and Saving Your Computer Login Passwords – Tips and Tricks

There are mainly two categories of people when it comes to the matter of selecting passwords. One group of people always sticks to a single password and this is the only one used in each and every authentication process he comes across. The second category chooses different password each time but finds it difficult to […]

Top 10 Tips to Protect Yourself Against Computer Viruses

Every Internet user knows that the plague of the Internet is the deadly computer virus that lurks around every corner of every Web site and email. At one time or another every computer faces a pesky Internet virus. If the owner follows these 10 simple tricks, the computer will be pleased to announce that it’s […]