Block Spyware and Malware from Getting Into Your Computer by Using the Hosts Files

As all smokers know, the best way to quit smoking is to never start in the first place. The adage holds true in the computer world as much malicious software can be easier blocked than deleted once the computer is infected. One easy way to filter out Spyware and Malware is through the use of […]

Security Concerns for the Laptop and Notebook Computer

There is no doubt that security is one of the most important concerns for any computer owner.  Any person who owns or uses a computer must always take the steps necessary to secure the valuable information it contains, but laptops and notebooks can be far more susceptible to theft, damage and data loss than desktop […]

How can I choose a good password?

A poorly chosen password, or a password improperly secured, can circumvent thousands of dollars worth of security measures. Guidelines for choosing a password

Suffering from Notebook Insecurity? Secure your Notebook NOW!

Only losers lose notebooks, right? Think again. There are few pieces of IT hardware out there that can “disappear” more easily and frequently than your good old-fashioned mobile computer. And the missing hardware won’t even be half of your problem. More likely than not, your private or organization’s notebook contains highly-sensitive information that you quite […]

Firewall: Hot Stuff for Stomping out Spyware, Malware and Adware

Firewalls are software programs for your computer that are comparable to exterior doors to your house or apartment since they keep potential intruders out. What is a thief strolled past that open door, when no one was home, and robbed you of anything of value including personal information? That is probably the time you’d kick […]