Is Your Computer Under Spyware Attack?

Spyware is unwanted software that can obtain personal information and record all of your computer activities. This software is installed without the knowledge of the owner. Since it can obtain personal information and record all activities such as keystrokes, it is an obvious security hazard. Many people use computers to manage business, personal, and money […]

Computer Security – Keeping Adware and Spyware at Bay

hile the computer virus has been a threat almost since the personal computer was first unveiled, many experts in computer security feel that the greater threat to today’s computer user is that posed by spyware and adware.  These unwanted programs vary in their danger, from the merely annoying to the truly malevolent.  Whether the effect […]

An Introduction To Spyware?

What Is Spyware? Spyware is a software application that is used to gather, and often transmit, data over your Internet connection. Typically installed without the user’s knowledge, every effort is made by the author of the software to ensure that it goes unnoticed for as long as possible.