Windows Startup Folder: One Key to Shortening Long Boot Times

If your computer takes several agonizing minutes to boot up, you might want to check your system’s “startup” folder. If this is filled with programs that are set to launch every time the computer boots up, the process takes longer than necessary.

Windows Desktop Clutter: A Hidden Culprit in PC Lag

You can’t find the reason behind your computer’s slow performance. There are no viruses, spyware, ad-ware or other junk programs anywhere on the system. You’ve cleared out your Startup folder so that only necessary programs run when you start your system. And you’ve even rebooted to clear the memory – several times now!

How to Make Windows XP Programs Run in Windows Vista

So you upgraded to Windows Vista because it’s the new, cool operating system. You were excited when you first started using this new OS, but now you’re frustrated. There are hundreds of dollars’ worth of computer programs sitting on your desk – now useless because they were designed for Windows XP. Apparently Vista does not […]

Customizing “My Computer”

The “My Computer” icon on your Windows based PC is a handy folder detailing the basics of your computer system. Did you know that you can change the way it looks and how it displays information?