How to Repair a Damaged Excel Spreadsheet

A damaged or corrupted file can be an enervating experience. We all trust our computers to store the product of our sweat and tears, and to lose it all on a bug or complication can be a nightmare. Thankfully, software engineers are sensitive to this problem, and have installed safeguards into the Microsoft Excel program. […]

Troubleshoot a Slow Computer

In the digital age in which we live, the term “slow” means something very different than it did to the previous generation of people. Movers and shakers today want everything delivered to them as quickly as possible. Our food is fast. Our mail is mostly electronic, and we expect all appliances and devices to keep […]

How To Find And Delete Duplicate Files

In the course of loading files from the internet you probably never worry about the space that these files consume. This is no big deal -in the beginning – for a large hard drive. It usually takes a pop up on the bottom right hand side of the screen warning you about the low hard […]

Free Microsoft Word Alternatives

icrosoft Office is a vital tool for any computer user. For some, including those like students who often need it the most, its hefty price tag can be a big problem. What many people don’t realize is that there are several great ways to get all the capabilities of Office without putting a dent in […]

Recover Your Formatted Hard Drive Data

If you have ever experienced the horror of formatting a hard drive without having this intention or discovered after the fact that you needed the data on that drive after formatting, you can understand the pain associated with this action. While it isn’t quite as easily done as it was in the early days of […]