Why Upgrade to Windows 7?

Are you still using Windows Vista? Perhaps you should consider upgrading to Windows 7: the latest and greatest operating system of Microsoft Corporation. There are simply too many advantages for PC users to enjoy once they make the switch to Windows 7. Consumers can really expect a great OS in Windows 7 because according to […]

Driver Download Software – Automatically Update Your PC Drivers!

Drivers are very important to making your hardware and software applications run properly. All hardware, such as your speakers, monitor, keyboard and mouse, uses simple software protocols called drivers to tell the computer how to interact with the hardware. If you’re a gamer, then you know how important it is to keep the drivers for […]

Update Your PC Drivers

To keep your PC running smoothly and without a hitch, you must continually update the drivers for its components such as the video card, sound card, multimedia card reader, and most importantly, the BIOS (basic input/output system). By upgrading your drivers religiously, you are enabling your PC to be compatible with the latest applications that […]

Set Up Your Home Network With Windows 7

The release of the Windows 7 operating system by Microsoft this past year was met with fevered excitement by millions of desktop and notebook computer users who have been complaining about the inadequacies of Windows Vista for years. With good reason, Windows 7 received almost universal praise for its simplified interface and design, as well […]

How to Set Up and Schedule Backups in Windows 7

Backups are a great way to guarantee not losing precious files and programs if the computer crashes unexpectedly. With a backup, those files and programs are saved to another source. If the computer crashes, those files can be restored, and are not lost forever. Windows 7 makes it simple to backup all those files, and […]