How To Resize Your Photos the Easy Way

There are several different ways to accomplish the goal of resizing pictures. Some are easier than others, and some will provide better results than others. You can also do other things will resizing pictures, including stretching them out and squishing them smaller to give them a different look all together.

How to Manage Hard Drive Space Used by Windows 7 Backup and Restore

Introduction “I thought this computer came with a 500 gig hard drive, but I only have 320 gigs I can use, why?” Ever wonder why you thought you had a lot of hard drive space when you bought your computer only to see a great chunk of it disappear. While some people say it’s the […]

Troubleshoot Startup Problems with Startup Repair Tool in Windows 7 & Vista

Microsoft’s Windows falls far short of the corporation’s desired “unbreakable operating system” image. Accompanying every new release package is an ongoing publicity attachment that displays statements such as: “Better data protection”, “New level of reliability”, and “Most secure Windows ever”. This is why Windows Vista and Windows 7 include the Startup Repair Tool. This is […]

Run Linux Apps On Your Windows Machine

It goes without saying that Linux is full of a wide variety of useful applications that aren’t found anywhere else. Ubuntu in particular is a good example of a Linux package full of these applications. Linux itself is a very good operating system to use. However, what happens when a Linux user, for whatever reason, […]

Enable the Secret “How-to Geek” Mode in Windows 7

There exists a little feature within Windows 7 that enables its users to access every single Control Panel function on a single page. This is known as the Secret How-To Geek Mode. Keep in mind, however, this is exclusive to Windows 7; this has the potential to break Windows Vista if utilized there.