What is CCC.exe and why is it running on my computer?

Normally not a security threat, CCC.exe is a program that normally shows up after installing an ATI graphics card or other ATI hardware. The file itself stands for Catalyst Control Center (or Catalyst Control Centre) and is designed to allow the user to manipulate and change a bunch of different display options and other features […]

How to Properly Clean Your Computer

No matter how fast your PC is upon its initial purchase, it will inevitably slow down. While it is natural for a computers speed to decrease with the passage of time, they are often affected by spyware, viruses, or unused programs that can cause a fast computer to become bogged down quickly. The best defense […]

Tips on Improving Your Computer’s Performance

Personal computers are known to slow down for several reasons, and this affects both the speed and the overall performance. A number of different issues may cause this, and your slow downs can result in problems when trying to upload or download files or even try to visually display a graphical interface such as a […]

Backup Software Can Save Headaches Later

Backup software can save headaches later because it will automatically copy important data and offer you much added security, which makes it possible to prevent disasters and to recover your data. It is possible to do all the work yourself, manually making your own copies of your data or you could simply schedule the utility […]

The Importance of Computer Maintenance

It is a well known fact of life; computers, with age, will break down and experience its fair share of wear and tear. For this reason, there is something to be said with regards to the importance of computer maintenance. Performing computer preventive maintenance means that you will often clean your operating system and be […]