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1V0-602 - VMware Accredited Colleague 6 - Combination Cloud Essentials

The VMware 1V0-602 exam is part of the brand-new VMware Certified Associate 6 license system. This examination assesses your potential and also skill-sets associated with the VMware Cloud Fundamentals. This exam assesses an applicant’s knowledge and also skills related to the VMware Hybrid Cloud Solution.

This is actually a list of covered subject matters:

  • VMware vCloud Air Components
  • VMware Air Networking Technologies
  • VMware vCloud Air Management Technologies

Our 1V0-602 disposes will definitely include those thorough topics:

+ Section 1: Identify and also Differentiate VMware vCloud Air Components – > Objective 1.1: Identify as well as Describe the VMware Hybrid Cloud Solution – > Objective 1.2: Identify vCloud Air Use Cases – > Objective 1.3: Differentiate VMware vCloud Air Service Offerings – > Objective 1.4: Describe VMware vCloud Air Security as well as Compliance Standards

+ Section 2: Identify as well as Differentiate VMware Air Networking Technologies – > Objective 2.1: Explain vCloud Air Networking Concepts Fabrics – > Objective 2.2: Differentiate vCloud Air Networking Services

+ Section 3: Identify and also Differentiate VMware vCloud Air Management Technologies – > Objective 3.1: Differentiate vCloud Air Management Tools – > Objective 3.2: Describe vCloud Air Management Capabilities

For more information go to: VMware 1V0-602 Exam Reference.

High amount topics dealt with by our practice test.

This Web Simulator is actually for VMware Cloud Administrators that prepare to start a complex VMware Hybrid commercial infrastructure and also would like to take the 1V0-602 qualification examination. Using the Web Simulator will definitely give you with training in VMware Air Components, Air Networking Technologies and Management basics. The Web Simulator will certainly reveal concerns as well as solutions utilizing this layout: Single and also Multiple Choice.