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2V0-651 - VMware Licensed Specialist 6 - Personal Computer and also Wheelchair Beta

The VMware 2V0-651 assessment is part of the new VMware Certified Professional 6 - Desktop and Mobility Beta. This VMware test gauges your potential and abilities related to the creation of innovative VMware Desktop as well as Mobility setting using Horizon and also Mirage modern technologies. This assessment tests your skills as well as potentials executing, mounting, and setting up a VMware Horizon along with View 6.x atmosphere set up on a VMware vSphere implementation. This exam requires a sound know-how of the Horizon implementations when architecting online Desktop as well as Mobile settings. VMware certified specialists may develop sophisticated bodies solutions for enterprise putting up, setting up and also handling Horizon Server Components using VMware Mirage and the Workspace Portal items. This test tests your skills and capacities putting in, setting up as well as conducting a complex as well as progressed vSphere environment.

This is actually a checklist of test topics you can easily adhere to:

  • Install Horizon (with View) Server Components
  • Configure a Horizon (along with View) Environment
  • Create and also Configure Pools
  • Troubleshooting Horizon (along with View).
  • Install, Configure, and also Manage VMware Mirage.
  • Install, Configure, and also Manage VMware Workspace Portal.

Our 2V0-651 discards will definitely consist of all the above subjects.

Right here a detailed breakdown of exam subject matters covered through our 2V0-651 dumps Simulator:.

  • Install Horizon (along with View) Server Components. – > Describe as well as distinguish in between element functions and also attributes. – > Objective 1.2: Install Horizon (with View) Composer Server. – > Objective 1.3: Install Horizon (with View) Connection Server. – > Objective 1.4: Install Horizon (along with View) Security Server. – > Objective 1.5: Prepare Environment for Horizon (with View). – > Objective 1.6: Install, Configure and Manage vRealize Operations Manager For Horizon.

  • Configure a Horizon (along with View) Environment. – > Objective 2.1: Configure Horizon (with View) Composer. – > Objective 2.2: Configure Horizon (along with View). – > Objective 2.3: Configure PCoIP/RDP Protocol Settings. – > Objective 2.4: Configure and Manage Security in Horizon (with View). – > Objective 2.5: Create ThinApp apps as well as a ThinApp database. – > Objective 2.6: Configure Horizon View Cloud Pod Architecture.

  • Create and also Configure Pools. – > Configure Automated Pools using connected duplicates. – > Configure Automated Pools using complete clones. – > Configure Manual Pools. – > Build and also Customize Desktop Images. – > Configure RDSH (Remote Desktop Session Host) Application Pools.

  • Troubleshooting Horizon (along with View). – > Troubleshoot Desktop Imaging Issues. – > Troubleshoot Account and also Permissions. – > Troubleshoot connection between Horizon (along with View) parts. – > Troubleshoot PCoIP Configuration.

  • Install, Configure, and Manage VMware Mirage. – > Install and Configure VMware Mirage Components. – > Manage Layers. – > Manage Endpoints.

  • Install, Configure, and also Manage VMware Workspace Portal. – > Install VMware Workspace Portal. – > Configure VMware Workspace Portal. – > Manage VMware Workspace Portal.

For even more info visit: VMware 2V0-651 Exam Reference.

High degree subjects dealt with by our technique examination.

This Web Simulator is for VMware vSphere Professional Administrators that are ready to start developing complex Desktop as well as Mobile implementation as well as want to take the 2V0-651 accreditation exam. The Web Simulator will verify prospect abilities as well as their knowledge concerning making use of Horizon Composer and Security Server. Prospects should can mounting, setting up, dealing with, as well as addressing Horizon solutions when developing Desktop and also Mobile situations. Making Use Of the Web Simulator will definitely deliver you with training in the usual make use of situations in order that you may set up, set up as well as take care of Horizon Server Components and also Pools Desktop Images. Furthermore you are going to likewise be able to understand exactly how make a protected an intricate release and how to use Install, Configure as well as Manage Mirage and the relevant Workspace Portal.