Dungeon Siege 2: Broken World

If you are a die hard fan of hack and slash RPG’s then you have probably played the Dungeon Siege series.  Recently, the expansion for Dungeon Siege 2 has been released.  It is called Dungeon Siege 2:  Broken World.

The story takes place about 1 year after the events of Dungeon Siege 2.  The world of Aranna is in a post-apocalyptic state due to the events in the previous game.  Some of these events were your fault.  The Dark Wizard has made a return along with the Bound Elves and some nasty Familiars. These Familiars piece together the different parts of the dead to make hideous abominations.  You must again pick up your weapon to take out the Dark Wizard once and for all.

There are various new additions to this expansion.  The first is that there are two new classes, the Blood Assassin and the Fist of Stone.  The Blood Assassin has some awesome spells that take the blood from your enemies.  The Fist of Stone has a powerful attack that crushes the enemy.  Some other additions are new powers, skills, items, weapons, armor, and reagent recipes.  The reagents can be added to your enchantable weapons and armor to make them much more powerful. There are also 40 new and deadly enemies.  These enemies are a lot smarter and tougher to deal with.  Some even play dead to lure you close….

There are a few welcomed changes as well.  One is that the class system has been revamped.  Another is that you can import the new classes from this expansion to Dungeon Siege 2 for a new experience!  There is also a special trainer that will let you reset your skills (in case you didn’t like how your character was developing).  This, of course, comes with a price.  Lastly, Dwarves make a return as a playable race!

The graphics of Dungeon Siege 2:  Broken World are pretty much the same as they were in Dungeon Siege 2.  They have improved slightly, however, along with the visuals in the cut scenes.  The mapping system is still terrible.  The dialogue has improved greatly, but the musical score isn’t very noticeable.  The game play is the same… glorious visceral battle! But, you do get 10 hours of the additional main quest and about 5 hours of optional side quests.

Dungeon Siege 2:  Broken World is available for your PC.  You must have Dungeon Siege II downloaded to your computer in order to play this expansion.  It has an ESRB rating of M for mature.  This is because the game features violence, blood, and gore.  Sorry kids, you can’t play it without your parent’s permission.