Vanguard : Saga Of Heroes

Vanguard : Saga Of Heroes is a MMORG  (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) that somehow manages to create an experience that is vastly different from the traditional MMORGs, and even the now famous World Of Warcraft. However, as endearing as the gameplay of Vanguard : Saga Of Heroes is, it is also awfully buggy, and is really does not feel like a product ready to be released. Despite the bugs though, Vanguard : Saga Of Heroes really has a lot to offer, and if you are a MMORG fan in any capacity, then this is not a game that you should just ignore.

Vanguard : Saga Of Heroes places you in the world of Vanguard, where you must overcome a variety of quests and opponents to be recognized as a hero. Well, as a group of heroes. Vanguard : Saga Of Heroes really forces you into a group play, and Vanguard really isn’t the place for a solo player. Even the missions that are not explicitly designed for group play can result in a quick death if you’re not careful. But this is not the only frustrating difficulty you will need to overcome. Something that really makes Vanguard : Saga Of Heroes a challenging game is the death penalty imposed on the player.

As opposed to most other MMORG’s like World of Warcraft, where dying is just another pause with no implications, Vanguard : Saga Of Heroes has a severe penalty on your gold, and even on the experience you have. If you desire to regain the lost XP (experience points), you will spend considerable time and effort. Secondly, if you died in some monster infested cave, you will find it nearly impossible to regain the lost points, as you have to travel back to your corpse, and as soon as you revive your character, you will be killed by the monsters again. This can result in a vicious circle of frustration where you can’t regain experience points, and if you do attempt to do so, you end up losing more of them.

Another issue with the gameplay is the massive number of bugs in the game. This is probably the biggest issue with the game, and although this still isn’t a huge issue, it does spoil the fun at times. you will occasionally spawn underwater in a new world and take some damage, or your character’s avatar will be changed to someone else’s.  A simple save and restart will generally fix this. And since Vanguard : Saga Of Heroes should be releasing a new patch for this bug soon, it isn’t going to be a problem for long anyway. Overall, the connection with the server seems pretty stable.

There is a lot of good fun to be had in Vanguard : Saga Of Heroes as well though, and one of the best parts about the game is that it is different from all the others. Especially for the group adventurer, Vanguard : Saga Of Heroes is one of the very best MMORGs out there.