What To Look In A Gaming Laptop

There are five very important things to consider when purchasing a laptop that will be used primarily for gaming. They include the processor, graphics card, memory, screen and the sound card. Each of these components plays a very different role in your computing power and game play experience, yet each is equally important for a top-notch gaming laptop.

When you are purchasing a gaming laptop, you should look for the highest possible processor speed and on-board memory that you can afford. Once you have determined your price point, find the one with the best graphics card and most video memory. Screen and sound card are important, however a slow laptop with a great screen will do little to enhance your gaming experience if it can’t actually load the game of your choice.

Shop around for the right price. There are many different price levels for laptops with similar features and if you look hard enough, you will find one that is within your price range. Here are more details on the five factors to consider when looking for a gaming laptop:


In order to be able to play the latest PC games, most experts will tell you that you need a high end desktop PC. With the advent of high speed multi-core processors, a desktop replacement laptop is now an excellent option for most gamers. An Intel Core i7 940XM processor would make a great starting point when considering processors that can handle the latest gaming action.

Graphics Card

The optimal gaming mobile video card would be one with at least 512Mb of dedicated video memory, most likely you would want to select a laptop with an NVIDIA or ATI Radeon video card. There are several great video cards out there, and a gamer’s biggest nightmares are choppy video or having to set the graphics on low details.


The amount of memory in a gaming laptop is critical to gameplay experience. You should buy the laptop with the highest possible amount of memory and the one with the most capability for expansion. Today’s PC games require a substantial amount of memory for optimal gaming experience.


Size matters. A good gaming laptop will have at least a 15 inch widescreen and most likely 17 inch. It will also probably be hooked up to at least one large HD monitor at some point. A good quality screen will make a difference in gaming experience and so consider the options when looking for a gaming laptop. A good HD quality screen is what you should be looking for if you want in on modern gaming action.

Sound Card

The gaming experience is all about the special effects. We already touched on the video card options, but choosing a sound card is important if you intend to have complete immersion in your gaming experience on your gaming laptop.