Best Android Apps for New Smartphones and Tablets

Android AppsAndroid applications can improve smartphone and tablet functionality. There are over 100 highly beneficial applications offered through the Android store. The applications range from entertaining to educational. Business applications are also available through the store. Several applications have been provided to give users an idea of what is available online.

1. Kachooly Winter Edition

Kachooly Winter Edition is designed specifically for winter nights. Many gamers try to master each of the levels and earn the highest score possible. This application is free and can keep gamers entertained for hours.

2. Zombie Face High

Zombie Face High resolution is designed to act as wallpaper and serve as a clock. This is one of the best free clock applications available.

3. My Spelling

My Spelling is designed to help your five to 12 year old kids practice spelling. My Spelling helps with spelling homework and spelling bees. The application will also generate spelling lists and spelling games to make learning easier.

4. Christmas Colors

Christmas Colors is a puzzle game that is appropriate for the Christmas season. The puzzles are generated randomly. The puzzles become more challenging each time the puzzles are generated. For instance, there is one game that requires matching the pattern on the screen using Christmas snow balls. This game can be fun and challenging for people at all skill levels.

5. Eye Doctor Trainer

To improve your eyesight, use this application. The application can help to prevent eye strain, headaches and tired eyes from looking at a computer screen all day. The application contains six sets of exercises. Each training set is between three and 20 minutes. These exercises can be discreetly completed when waiting for taxi or a train. The Eye Doctor Trainer may not eliminate eye problems, but it will make it better.

6. Auto Insurance Quotes Genie

Auto Insurance Quotes Genie can help consumers find the least expensive auto insurance providers. With this application, many people can save up to 75 percent. The application is free and features the top providers in the nation.

7. The Nice List

The Nice List is used to manage Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, Valentine’s Day gifts and other holiday gifts. The Nice List can help you budget for your gifts and track your spending for the holidays. Import your contacts to aid in list creation.

Select the Best Android Apps to Improve Daily Life

Consider the best Android apps for your smartphones and tablets to improve your life. Whether users are waiting for clients or are trying to remember the latest task to complete, Android apps are highly beneficial. Consider these Android apps and others to improve ease of use in your daily life.