Best cases and covers for the new iPad

cases and covers for the new iPadStylish and designed to shield an iPad from drops and scratches, cases are available in designs to suit every taste. The iPad 2 and the iPad 3 are very similar externally. In fact, one of the few differences is that the new iPad is slightly thicker than the old version. Many iPad 2 cases will fit an iPad 3, but it is not guaranteed.

Heavy duty cases

The Otterbox is an ideal case for children and other uses that are rough on their electronic devices. The multiple layers of protection keep the iPad safe under most circumstances. The snap-on polycarbonate shell includes a built-in screen protector. The shell itself provides most of the impact protection while memory foam and silicone absorb the shock.

If something with a little more flash is desired, look no further than the Gumdrop Drop Tech. The unique textured silicone outer shell gives the user something to hold onto while the replaceable screen cover protects the screen from scratches. There are also rubber bumpers on the edges to absorb impact from falls.

Designer cases

Melding nature and technology, the Bamboo shell case by Grove protects the iPad while maintaining a Zen sensibility. The back case is hand finished and the cover is a choice between felted wool and leather. Magnets keep the cover closed when not in use.

Frequent travelers will appreciate the Wanderfolio Luxe’s six hidden pockets. The pockets keep important papers, credit cards and cash nearby when traveling. The full-grain leather gives this case an understated elegance.

Cases with keyboards

The iPad is powerful enough to do many of the things a laptop can do. A case with a keyboard not only fully protects the iPad; it also transforms it into small laptop. Not everyone can adapt to the large touch screen keyboard, so a case with a wireless Bluetooth keyboard may be a great solution.

The Clamcase offers full body protection, a keyboard and a stand. A common drawback of tablet stands is their limited positioning capability. The Clamcase has a clever 360-degree hinge stand that can be positioned at any angle.

Choosing a case with a keyboard can be limiting if you do not always require a keyboard. The iLuv Professional Workstation Portfolio comes with a detachable keyboard. When in use, the keyboard has several keys designed specifically to interact with the iPad.

There are many discount cases available online. Before purchasing an inexpensive case, be sure to read the reviews to determine if the case is something that will fit your lifestyle as well as your budget. An iPad is not something most people can easily replace and purchasing a good protective case or cover is worth spending a few extra dollars.