Choosing a College Laptop

Going to college is an exciting time in any young adult’s life. This period in time often requires new surroundings, offers the opportunity to make new friends, and also calls for a new laptop. However, many students are unsure of how to choose a good laptop that will take them from freshman year, all the way through college.

How to Choose a College Laptop in Five Easy Steps:

1. The first thing that students need to consider when choosing a laptop, is what it will be used for. Will it be used to write papers, do research, and keep in touch with friends, or will it be used to complete digital art projects and create graphics? The laptop a student should purchase greatly depends on what they are going to school for. If a student is going to school to become a video game designer, he or she will need a laptop that includes a fast processor, offers great visuals, and has a large amount of memory. However, if a student is planning on being a business major, a much more basic laptop will be able to fit their needs.

2. When choosing a laptop, students will also need to consider their budget. College students are not exactly known for having large amounts of money to burn. Therefore, setting a realistic budget will help a student stay within their means. While it may be possible to finance a laptop, a student will need to realize that they will be required to make a monthly payment.

3. When choosing a laptop, students will also need to decide exactly what they want in a laptop. A college student should choose a laptop that will fit their needs. If they like to store a lot of music on their computer, they will need a laptop with enough memory to house their collection. If the laptop will be used to watch movies and television shows, it will need a fast processor. Additionally, most college students will need programs like Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, or the equivalent, to complete projects.

4. College students take their laptops to class, to the library, and many other places around campus. Therefore, they need a laptop that will be durable. While an iPad or tablet PC may seem like an interesting and unique option, these products are probably not the best idea for college students, unless they are being purchased in addition to a regular laptop. Additionally, when choosing a laptop, college students will want to think of cases, carrying cases, and other accessories that will help protect their new computer.

5. Students also need to be sure that they choose a laptop with an up to date wireless internet card. This card will allow them to connect to their school’s network, whether in the library, classroom, or other area. Currently most schools require laptops to be 802.11G capable. However, some schools are updating to more advanced wireless standards. Therefore, a student should check to see their school’s wireless requirements before choosing a laptop.

Most college students attend at least two to four years of college. However, some students go on to complete a masters or doctorate program. These degrees require a lot of schooling, as well as a laptop that will last through these years of schooling, while still working efficiently. Therefore, students need to consider whether their choice of laptop is going to be the best choice over the long term.

College students need to choose a laptop that has a good amount of memory, a fast processor, a newer operating system, and is an overall high quality computer. Students will also need to obtain an effective anti-virus software to protect their computer. While purchasing the right laptop may take a few extra weeks or months of saving, choosing a great laptop will pay off over the long haul.