Creating a Monthly Apple iTunes Allowance for your Child

Apple ItunesAnyone with an iPad or iPhone will tell you how much they love their iOS device. Anyone with kids will tell you how much their kids love their iOS device. If you’ve been contemplating getting your child their own iPhone or iPad, discuss a monthly allowance at the Apple iTunes store. There are endless educational and creative uses for a child to use their iOS device, but if there needs to be a cap on the monthly spending. Since your credit card is under the account, you might want to consider giving each child their own account with a prepaid debit card. It will only take one time for them to go over their spending limit to realize the value of a budget. Perhaps give them a choice among apps such as: creative, music, game or educational. You’d be surprised how many apps are marketed as fun for kids, but are beloved by parents because of their educational value. Most apps or music are between $1.29 and $4.99. A monthly spending limit will encourage wise spending and understanding value. Encouraging your child to read reviews on the varying apps is also a way to promote wise shopping at a young age.

If the child has done extra chores around the house, has had excellent behavior, or shown exceptional work in athletics or at school, then an iTunes gift card is a good idea. For as little as $5 you can give a reward that makes all the difference in your child’s day.

Now that your child has an iOS device, make sure they do not put a lock on it. You should be able to access your child’s device at all times so you can see what apps they are using. You will be able to know which apps they have deleted (educational?) and which ones they are keeping (games!). Do not go into your child’s phone unless you suspect they are taking advantage of the monthly allowance. They should be able to trust you and therefore want to make you proud with their app choices. If you are hesitant to give your child full access of the iOS device, rest assured there is a guided access setting that allows you, the parent, to decide what the child sees.

Getting your child an iOS device is not just a trendy or cool thing to do. It is the smart thing to do. With all the educational games and opportunities for tablets, there is no reason why your child should not have one. Just remember to get a tough case, and encourage them to avoid the playground, athletic field, or day camp with their device. But, if your child loses the device, rest assured, there’s an app to help you find it.