Downloading videos from YouTube to your Iphone or Ipod Touch

 YouTube to your IphoneEveryone loves watching videos on YouTube, especially on handy devices like the Iphone and Ipod touch, but you don’t always have internet access to rewatch your favorites. Luckily, it’s easy as pie to download any and all of your favorite YouTube videos with the proper apps. What’s even better is that most of these apps are free. With this easy-to-follow guide, you’ll see how to get the right app, use it to download videos, and then watch them or show them to friends at your leisure.

First, you have to get the app. Just go to the app store and do a search for “YouTube download manager” or “video downloader”. The first will get you apps specifically for the YouTube site while the second will help you find apps that work on several different video sites. Look through the store for a while until you find an app that has plenty of good reviews and is in your price range – preferably free – and download it. Once it’s fully downloaded and installed, you’re ready to get your videos.

Most apps of this type work similarly, so this guide will stick to fairly generic directions that should help you figure out any app you download. First, you need to open up the app. If your app is for multiple sites, you may need to select or type in the YouTube website. Some apps simply open up the standard browser, as well, so you may need to go to the YouTube site the normal way. Once you’re on the YouTube site, simply search for the video you want to watch.

Once the video is selected, a couple different options may show up. If your viewer runs off of the browser, it will start to play normally while opening a pop up to allow you to download the video. Others will automatically download, or give you the option of downloading or playing, the video. Whichever way your app works, you simply need to hit the “download” button or option to begin saving the video to your device. Give it a bit of time to completely download the video and, voila, you’ve got the video on your device, ready to view.

Now, depending on your app, you may need a proper media player in order to view the video. Like the video downloader app, there are plenty of free media players available at the app store. Take your time to find one that you like and download it. If you have a preferred media player on your computer, you may be able to find an app made by the same company. Most video downloader apps, however, come with a built-in playback function. This lets you use the same app to view videos that you use to download them. You may prefer to get a proper media player, however, due to the extra options many have.

With those easy steps, you have everything you need to download, watch, and share videos on YouTube. If you’re not sure which app you want to get, don’t be afraid to do an online search for reviews. There are plenty of good apps out there for this purpose so it should be easy to find one that works for you.