Great Gadget Gift Ideas For the 2010 Holidays

Exciting gadgets for the 2010 holiday season have either been released or are about to be released. If you have a gadget lover on your holiday list, there is no shortage of items from which to choose this year. Just look at some of the thrilling gadgets you can give your loved ones.

The Xbox Kinect will make its debut November 4, 2010, just in time for gift-giving. The Kinect turns gamers into game controllers and greatly enhances the video game experience. What’s more, the Kinect gets video game enthusiasts off of the couch and makes it fun to leap, jump, and ride river rapids. Some of the games for the Xbox Kinect show a mirror image of the player, and others show an avatar, but you can easily track your movements as you play a variety of exciting games. The Kinect works with all models of Xbox 360 so you don’t have to worry about buying a new gaming system. However, Microsoft is also debuting a new Xbox system at the same time the Kinect is released.

The iPod Nano 6th generation will make a great gift for the music lovers on your holiday list. The Nano has been redesigned once again, and it is smaller and lighter than ever. For those who like to take it on the go, it now comes with a clip-on feature so you don’t have to buy an armband to keep it secure. The 6th generation iPod Nano comes with an FM tuner, pedometer, and now has a touchscreen instead of the click wheel previous versions have.

The latest Nano doesn’t play or record video so you may want to consider the 5th generation Nano if you want a video player or recorder. The 5th generation iPod Nano made its debut in 2009 and is still a great music player. Fitness buffs will love either version as the Nike + iPod Sport Kit, which is sold separately, works for either version.

For those who like to take books with them wherever they go, Kindle is a great gadget to give someone. The Kindle is even more exciting since it now comes with wifi. The Kindle allows you to take thousands of books with you wherever you go, yet it has a smaller, sleeker design than previously. With this ebook reader, you can read at the beach in bright sunlight with no annoying glare. Read on the plane, or anywhere else you go.

The Kindle weighs less than a paperback book so it is convenient to slip into your purse, pocket, or bag and take anywhere. The books are inexpensive, with many titles selling for just $9.99, and these are books that are current bestsellers. Download a new book anywhere there is a wifi hotspot, and keep reading for up to a month on a single charge. For those who love to read, Kindle is the most exciting gadget out there.

Even if you don’t want to spring for one of the hot gadgets, you can still get in on the fun by springing for accessories if you know someone who will be getting one of these gadgets. For example, those who get the Xbox Kinect will get one Kinect game with the device, but there are several other exciting games, along with fitness games for the Kinect.

If you know someone who is getting an iPod Nano, there are numerous accessories you can get, such as a docking station, portable speakers, or even a gift card for music or video downloads. Be sure and note which iPod the person has as the accessories are different for each model. A protective case would be a great gift for anyone who gets a new iPod. Just look online at the vast assortment of accessories, and you will have no trouble finding something to go along with this gadget.

Almost any new gadget comes with at least a few optional accessories, so you can still get in on the fun by getting the recipient a gift card so that they can pick out their own accessories.