Helpful Gadgets to Have While on a Road Trip

If you are planning on going on a long car drive which will last days or more, it would be useful to take a look at the helpful gadgets to have while on a road trip. With the current technological advancements, there are many electronic devices which have been made just so as to make your road trip easier. There are others which can be just as useful at home, for a short drive, or on a long distance road trip.

1.GPS Receiver

A GPS receiver is the most important accessory while going on road trips. The information it provides makes any trip so much easier.

In case you don’t know, GPS is the abbreviation for Global Positioning System which helps you locate yourself (that is your receiver) anywhere on earth by means of data from any four of the global positioning satellites placed for the purpose on earth’s orbit. What you require for your road trip is a GPS receiver with 12 channels (so that the receiver can calculate your position quickly) loaded with GPS software which can provide you all information you need regarding your area. You should be able to mount the GPS receiver onto your vehicle dashboard. Take care that the gadget

Is a mapping GPS receiver with the facility to have maps replaced and new maps uploaded. Most GPS road navigator receivers will give you turn by turn directions to any destination provided the relevant map is in place. If you travel a lot or are going to different places, you can download the map for the relevant area onto your receiver and use it.
Lets you store new locations, called waypoints (stored in latitude and longitude). Also make sure you can download points of interest such as ATMs, restaurants and gas stations as well as save new ones.
Has a rerouting ability so that even if you accidentally miss a turn you can still get back on track.

It would also be useful if your GPS receiver can integrate to FM radios for real time traffic information such as road blocks, accidents etc. There are car GPS receivers which can suggest detours as well in case of such a problem.

The above features will make sure that you won’t spend much time on road lost and directionless. If you are adventurous, you could always navigate using a map and use the GPS only if you find no way out.

2.An iPod or Other Portable Media Player

Hours on the road sometimes get tedious. Having music or entertainment always helps. You could have an FM stereo and DVD player, but a better option would be to have a media player which can play both audio (and optionally video files) in all common music file formats. The media player can store so much more than a DVD. And it is helpful if none of the FM channels you can tune into are offering good music.

Most car stereo systems these days have USB port where you can connect your MP3 player so that your passengers can enjoy the music too.

3.Laptop With Mobile Internet

Laptop with a wireless or mobile internet connection will be helpful if you are in need of any information on the road. The laptop can also provide entertainment to your passengers provided it has media player software on it.

4.Power Inverter

It is possible that your electronic devices can ran out of power. A power inverter will help you charge your electronic devices while on road. You will also be able to use the plug and use facility with them.

There are power inverters which give warning if your car battery is running low or there is some problem with the power supply so that you don’t have to worry about your car battery.

These helpful gadgets will make your trip fun!