How to Merge PDF Files

Merging PDF can help reduce clutter, keeping all your related PDF documents into one searchable database. It also allows you to send important documents in a single attachment, without the need for a separate file archiving software. However, in order to merge PDF files, as is this case with most unique and advanced PDF features, you first need to have the full version of Adobe Acrobat. With the full version, you can edit, convert, and do a number of things with PDF that are unavailable with the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. The full version, however, comes at a significantly higher cost.

If you have the full version of Adobe Acrobat, then merging PDF files is simple and easy.

Step 1: Open the Files
Open all the PDF files you would like to merge. If the clutter is too excessive, you can minimize them on your desktop for the time being.

Step 2: Find the First Page
Bring up what you would like to be the first page of your merged document.

Step 3: Click the Combine Icon
On the upper left part of the screen, click the ‘Combine Files’ icon.

Step 4: Add the Other PDF Files
The window that pops up will be divided into three section. The first will ask you to ‘Choose the files you wish to combine’. At this point, simply select the option to ‘Add Open Files,’ and when prompted, select the other open PDF files and add them to the wizard.

Step 5: Set the Order Your Documents
The next window is where you will set the order of your PDF documents. Use your mouse to rearrange the documents you added into the order you wish them to appear on your merged PDF file.

Step 6: Decide On the Compression and Quality Level
The penultimate window will allow you to choose both your file size and conversion setting. Depending on the amount of documents you intend to merge, this could bloat the size of your final document. With limits sent on the size of e-mail attachments, you might want to use a lower size setting before disseminating. However, if the PDF contains images or is being used for a presentation, the quality could be considerably diminished by such a compression. In this case, a higher setting will preserve the integrity of the document. When you are finished, press next.

Step 7: Create Your PDF File
The final window will ask you to choose between a single PDF file or a PDF package. The only difference is the package offers the option of constructing a special cover sheet to go along with the document. When you are done, clicking ‘Create’ will prompt you to save the file to your preferred destination.