How to Recover Deleted Files from a Flash Drive

An example of a flash memory card is an SD card or even a Sony memory stick. Flash memory cards are removable storage devices that can be used for cameras or even hand held game consoles, such as the PSP, or the Play Station Portable. Flash memory cards such as the Sony memory stick is used to store and transfer data files in a small and portable space. They can be carried to different computers. If you happen to delete a file on your flash memory card, there is no need for you to freak out. This is because it is actually possible to get your deleted data back. This is because flash memory cards do not actually get rid of files that you delete. Flash memory cards only write over the deleted files. If you need to get a file back that you have accidentally deleted, all you need to do to get the file back is download a file recovery program. A file recovery program is designed to recreate deleted files. You can use these programs to retrieve lost data or repair files that once had a virus. These programs can be obtained for free or for a small price. It all depends on the quality that you are actually looking for in a data recovery program.

Check for a Card Reader

Before you begin to recover the deleted file from your flash drive, you should check the front and back ports of your computer. You need to see if your computer already has a card reader installed on it. Although newer computers already have card readers, older models do not. You may need to buy an external card reader in order to complete your task. Once you have a card reader, connect its USB cable into your computer’s USB port.

Find a Data Recovery Program

Open up your Internet browser. Look for a Web site that offers a file recovery program. You can often find a data recovery program by doing research through Google. Examples of a file recovery program that works include Snap Restoration and F-Recovery. Once you have gone to the correct data recovery Web site, try to find the download area. Click on the download link for the data recovery program’s installation file. After you have done this, a new window should pop up that asks you what action you want to take. Click on the “save file” option.

Find the Data Recovery Program Installation File

After you have downloaded the data recovery program installation file, you can close your Internet Browser. Click on your “My Computer” desktop icon. Find the folder that you use to download the data recovery program installation file. You may be able to find the program’s installation file in a folder that is marked “Downloads.” Usually every file that you download from the Internet is placed in this folder. Once you have found the file recovery program’s installation file, double click on its icon. Finally, follow the instructions on your computer screen. You will be taken through the installation process. Wait for the file recovery program to install on your computer.

Open Your Data Recovery Program

After the program has been downloaded, you need to put your flash memory card into the card reader that you purchased. If you did not purchase a card reader, you can put the memory card into the card reader that is already installed on your computer. After you have inserted your flash memory card into the reader, you can open the file recovery program. Click the destination icon. This can be found on the top left side of the recovery window. After you have done this, find the drive letter of your flash memory card and click on the “OK” button.

Retrieve Your Lost File

Go to the “file image prefix” section that is found below the “destination” field. In this section, you can enter the file type. Hit “OK” and then select “Start” at the bottom of the window. You have started the recovery process.