How to Restore and Recover Deleted Files from a Camera Card

If you are using a digital camera to take pictures during a vacation or a very special event in your life, you may have to deal with a very large amount of pictures. There is no doubt that you will have to deal with a ratio of bad pictures and good pictures. While you are deleting the pictures that you believe you do not want, you may accidentally delete a picture that you really like. However, there is no need for you to worry when something like this happens. You can easily get the picture back by following these steps and downloading a free file recovery program.

Find Out Where the Picture Was

You need to find out where the picture was when you deleted it. If you took the picture on your camera, then either the picture is on your camera card or it is saved on your computer’s hard drive. If you have the picture in an SD card, then the SD card is in your camera. Your camera will be saving pictures to the card. If you did not put an SD card into your camera then you are probably saving pictures onto your camera’s hard drive. If you happened to be viewing the pictures on your computer when you accidentally deleted the picture, then the picture is somewhere on your computer’s hard drive.

Do Not Take Any More Pictures

It is extremely important for you to remember that you cannot take any more pictures with your camera if you are using the same memory card. If you have just noticed that you accidentally deleted a picture on your memory card or camera, you need to put the camera down and refrain from taking any pictures. If you want to get the picture back, do not take any more pictures. This is mainly because taking a picture will over write the deleted file. The data recovery program will not be able to get your picture back.

Keep the Memory Card Safe

Eject the memory card from your digital camera. Set aside somewhere safe. You should replace the memory card with another one if you still wish to use the digital camera. Remember that taking pictures on the first memory card or on the hard drive of your camera will make the deleted picture unrecoverable. Keep the card in a safe place until you are ready to begin the recovery process.

Get a Data Recovery Program

Go online and download a free data recovery program onto your computer. An example of such software would be MJM Free Photo Recovery Software or even Smart Image Recover 2.3. You only need software that can recover images that were lost when you accidentally delete images. You can usually find free data recovery programs online. Although there are programs that you have to pay for, the free version may be best for you if you only intend to use the program once or twice. You can find free data recovery programs online by going to any search engine Web site. Once you are there, type in “free data recovery software.” You should see a list of software that you could possibly lose. Make sure that you make sure the software is legitimate before you actually download the software. Anything online could be a virus.

Recover the Lost File on Your Camera Card

Connect your camera to your computer by using a direct cable connection. You may know this as the USB port. Find the camera card that has the deleted files on it. Put the card into your camera. You can also use a card reader if you have a newer computer. Make sure that the memory card or the camera actually shows up as a new drive letter when you go to “My Computer” from your desktop. If there is no new drive letter, then you may need to purchase a card reader. This is usually inexpensive.