iPad, Android, Kindle, Windows: What Tablet Will You Buy?

What Tablet Will You BuyTablets are the latest trend in technology. Everyone wants to have a tablet with advanced features, but which tablet is the best? The features of the iPad, Android, Kindle and Windows table will be explored for more insight.

1. iPad

iPad is one of the most coveted tablets on the market. iPad 2 features a 1024 x 768 pixel high-definition Retina display and 4G LTE connectivity. This type of connectivity will allow people to connect at speeds 10 times faster than its predecessor. Physically, the iPad2 features a thin frame and a fast 1 GHz Apple A5X processor. Tegra 3 is a graphics processor found in many Android tablets.

Appleā€™s tablet features a 9.7-inch screen, weighs 21.3 ounces and has a battery life of 10 hours. The tablet is one of the most expensive on the market and ranges in price from $499 to $699 with WiFi only. This is an incredible device and one of the most popular devices despite the expense.

2. Android

There are numerous Android-based devices on the market. These devices range in screen size from seven-inches to more than nine-inches. Many affordable options are on the market including a tablet listed at $99. HP has plans to re-release this tablet in the future though it was discontinued.

Users of the Android tablet should consider the following features before purchasing a tablet: size, touch screen, processor speed, the amount of RAM, flash and a forward and rear-facing camera. The processor speed should be on average 800 MHz, and the RAM should be between 256 MB and 1 GB. There are over 100,000 applications available for people to access through the Android store.

3. Kindle

Kindle tablets are lightweight and highly portable. The E-Ink screen has a high readability factor and is much like reading an actual book and newspaper. The font size can be adjusted. Kindle books are flexible and can be read on other devices such as the iPad, Android and Nook computers. Previews or samples are available to help readers determine if they would like to buy the books or magazines. Books are cheaper for the Kindle than for other devices.

4. Windows

Windows 8 tablets are growing in popularity. Companies like Acer are creating low cost tablets to appeal to the public. These low cost Windows tablets have capacitive touch screens and other features that are attractive to users. The low cost is one of the most attractive features. This table will feature functionality such as tablet math and better handwriting recognition.

Which Tablet is the Best?

The best tablet can only be determined by how the tablet will be used. For overall use, many people may prefer Android and iPad the best, but the Kindle and Windows tablets are more affordable. In general, Kindle is great for reading and for low-cost books, but some functionality of Android and iPad is lost. When making a final decision, consider your needs and make your selection accordingly. In general, iPad, Asus Transformer Pad Infinity and Kindle have led the pack in terms of popularity.