Laptop Repair Tips to Instantly Speed Up Your Laptop

After using a laptop for years, or even just months, it can begin to run much slower than it did when it was brand new. This can be due to outdated software, low memory, or for a number of other reasons. Fortunately, it is not necessary to spend a fortune on repairs to speed up your laptop. By making a few simple adjustments, laptop users can easily speed up their laptops in a matter of hours.

Six Repairs that Will Speed Up Your Laptop:

1. One main reason why laptops begin to run slowly is due to insufficient memory. Many people use their laptop to store pictures, videos, music, and games, which can use a great deal of the system’s memory. Fortunately, this is an easy problem to fix. If possible, delete old files, uninstall games, and get rid of anything that you don’t use. However if you want to keep all of your old files, simply purchase more RAM. RAM can be purchased at most computer supply stores and easily added to a laptop.

2. Many laptop users frequently install and uninstall programs, which can lead to system problems. Sometimes when installing or uninstalling a program, there is a malfunction or problem that does not allow the program to install properly. When this happens, the laptop user will have to clear the problems in the Windows registry. The registry is the database that runs all configurations for applications and software. To optimize the registry, simply clear all entries that are not needed, which will help the system perform more efficiently.

3. If your laptop is running slowly due to low memory, it may also be possible to defragment the hard drive in order to free some memory and fix system errors. Defragmenting the hard drive on a fairly regular basis can help a laptop continue to perform optimally. Additionally, before defragmenting the hard drive, users should be sure to go through their applications and files and discard any unnecessary or unused files or programs that they find.

4. Every time a laptop user turns on their laptop, their are a number of programs that begin to run automatically. These programs are known as “start up programs”. While some are necessary for the system to perform optimally, many are not. If your laptop takes a long time to boot up or runs very slowly when it is first turned on, go through the start up programs and disable the ones that are not required by the system. Many laptop users would be surprised as to how many useless programs begin to run every time that they turn on their computer.

5. Laptop users also need to be sure that their laptop is free of trojans, spyware, malware, and viruses. Simply installing an anti-virus and running regular checks can greatly help a system’s performance. Many websites and downloads that appear innocent really attach spyware to your system to obtain certain information. If this happens too often, your system will begin to lag and become very slow. Having a good line of defense against these programs will help your computer run much faster.

6. While system upgrades may always seem to pop up at inconvenient times, it is necessary to take the time to install these upgrades. They are offered to laptop users because they are better than the old software and will help a system perform more optimally. If these are regularly ignored, you may be running old or incompatible software or programs that will slow your system.

While a slow laptop can be frustrating and annoying at times, there are many free or affordable ways to repair a slow system. By performing regular system maintenance, laptop users will not only be surprised at how much faster their laptops run, but how much longer they will be able to enjoy a fully functioning laptop.