Popular Laptops – A Top 10 List

There is a much to be said about what is popular in the area of laptops. What may have been the hottest trend for last year may not be the most popular laptops for the current year. There are so many changes in technology, and each change represents an overall change in perceived value. The following is a top 10 list of some of the most popular brands and models available at the present moment.


Holding down the number ten spot is the ASUS Eee PC 4G. It made the list easily because it is small, light, and compact. It has held stable ground on the list because it’s also inexpensive (around $400), and it offers an alternative to the current Microsoft domination that is found in new laptops. The systems can be purchased for less because many of the basic components are freeware or other open source products.

Fujitsu Lifebooks

Fujitsu makes an appearance at number 9 with by offering a bit of diversity. The laptops come in the form of Tablet PCs and notebooks, and this has been the true claim to fame for Fujitsu and their laptop product line. They have also taken measures to go green, and this has resulted in an increased popularity.

Acer Aspire

The Acer Aspire has managed a hang around at number 8 because it is another laptop that is affordable and lightweight. This brand name has been around for years, and it has been promoted as a great travel companion.

Lenovo Idea Pad

Many people may know the Acer name, but Lenovo is also becoming a name that is well-known in the laptop industry. These Idea Pad laptops are extremely popular because of the great graphics, an abundance of external ports, and the excellent line of customer service. The Lenovo makes a lasting impression at number 7 on the list.

Apple MacBook

It’s no surprise that Apple would make top ten list – spot 6 to be exact – with the MacBook. Apple has renewed consumer confidence with their stronghold in portable technology through the iPod and iPad. The same resurgence is helping them build a loyal following with the MacBooks which allow consumers to synchronize their laptops with other portable Apple devices that they own.


The Sony VAIO rounds out the top 5 by establishing a consumer base that wants to best in video gaming through the PC. Rich graphics, extended battery life, and stylish colors have helped Sony create a brand that is constantly gaining momentum. It is ideal for gamers that want the best of PC portability and gaming combined. With Sony’s exclusive Remote Play functionality consumers can connect to their PlayStations from anywhere through an internet connection.

Samsung Q430-11

Samsung is moving up the list, but they currently hold a spot at number 4 for consumer appeal. This system has been marketed as a thin and lightweight laptop that is the perfect companion for travelers. Samsung laptops have actually received the PC Advisor’s Readers’ Best Laptop Award in 2010 based on customer service and hardware reliability.

Toshiba T230

Toshiba covers a wide range of electronics successfully, and the laptop is no exception. Holding a spot at number 3 these laptops are affordable and durable with an impressive battery life and ultra-thin design.

HP EliteBook 8440p

The HP EliteBooks have been marketed as the perfect solution for mobile professionals, and this has given this manufacturer a spot as one of the top two brands. Quality and brand recognition has marked the progress of HP and increased sales of the EliteBook.

Dell Inspiron
Dell has consistently reigned as the champion in the desktop market. It’s comes as no surprise that the manufacturer would also hold the number one spot in the laptop market as well. There are a variety of Dell laptop models available, but the Inspiron has become the hottest laptop around.