Three Top Social Networking Sites for Business Professionals

In today’s world of business, your online presence is often just as important as your resume. If you have a profile on a social networking site that a big company is scouring for new recruits, you could find your dream job… and if you don’t have that profile, you might never know the job existed!

Social networking sites have evolved from sites for bored teenagers, filled with glitter, flashing graphics, and deafening music that plays without warning, to professional networks filled with major company representatives.

In fact, with all the social networking choices available these days it can be hard to know where to spend your scarce free time. Here are three reputable sites, and it’s worth investing time and effort into creating attractive, complete profiles. Can you afford not to be on these three sites?

1. LinkedIn

Perhaps this site is the original business social networking site. At the very least, LinkedIn is the social network most commonly associated with business. Thought of as the “Facebook” of business networking, LinkedIn also serves as a resume host. It allows you to join groups, meet new contacts, and be recruited for possible career opportunities.

2. Facebook

While sometimes over-hyped, Facebook is definitely worth including in the list. It has morphed from a college-exclusive site to an open networking site. Facebook has powerful applications, once you sort through the fluffy, nonsense apps designed to garner your information. If you pick the right applications, Facebook can help you promote your blog and yourself, handle conference calls, collaborate, and network.

3. Xing

Network with other professionals on this site, but be prepared to pay membership fees for certain functions. Most of the usual social networking features are offered here. Connections are visually displayed between each member and the members they know, creating a cool-looking and handy visual “web” of contacts.

Companies are beginning to recognize the power that tech-savvy employees have. Some companies even exclusively seek out candidates on networking sites as a way of weeding out the best from the masses. Don’t let yourself be one of those weeds that doesn’t know how to network online and is tossed aside when the perfect opportunity comes along.