Tips to Reduce Printing Costs

Black ink is one of the most precious commodities of the modern world. Thanks to computer printers, everyone needs to have a steady supply of the stuff, which when used regularly by college students, businesses, and home users can run into the thousands of dollars per year price range. If this staggering number terrifies you, you’re not alone. People have been looking for ways to save on printer ink for over a decade now. Thanks to the use of laser printers the burden has eased for some people, but for those unable to afford laser printers it’s still an uphill battle to reduce printing costs.

If you’re suffering from a case of overspending on ink for your printer, here are a few ways that you can help slash your bill and still be able to print all of your valuable material.

1. Get a good software program to monitor ink usage: Not all ink cartridges are built the same. Buying cheaper doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re going to save money on your printing costs. A good ink usage software program can show you just what your ink cartridge is giving you for a specified period of time. By comparing a few different ink cartridges, you’ll quickly learn which one is most efficient and cheapest.

2. Print on both sides: Whenever possible you should use both sides of the paper when you print. This saves money on paper, which is another expensive printing cost for users. You can literally slash your paper bill in half when you use both sides of the paper, so do it when it’s possible.

3. Shrink to fit through print preview: Use print preview to get an idea of how your document is going to look. Shrink your document to save a small amount of ink every time you use it. Just remember the phrase “Shrink to fit” and you’ll succeed at performing this step.

4. Choose a good font type: In the world of fonts there are big fonts and little fonts. Choose the most legible small font you can do help reduce your ink bill. Arial is the preference of many users because it is extremely readable and smaller than many other fonts. Never pick a font that’s small just to save money though. Printing a page you can’t read is only going to result in having to throw that page away and print another page, something that will completely defeat your purpose of saving money on printing costs.

5. Pay attention: There are many settings to consider when you’re printing out material from a computer. Printing out duplicate copies when you only need one copy, or printing in color when you only need black and white, can elevate your printing costs and give you a big headache. Check and double check your printer settings to ensure that you’re getting the most efficient, cost-effective print possible each time you print. Doing anything less is asking to throw money away.

Paper and ink costs will be your two highest printing costs every year. It can turn into a very hefty bill for people that have to print a lot. Ask any college student about this and they’ll assure you that endeavoring to save money on printing costs is more than worth it. It is one of the most important parts of being a student and it can definitely spare dollars and allow for spending on things that are more necessary, or fun.

Creating a written account of your expenses isn’t a bad idea. Keep tabs to find out how much you spend on printer ink in a two month period and then use a few of these techniques during the next month to see how much you save. You may be surprised by how effective you are at saving money on printer ink after you’ve applied a few of the above techniques. When the money begins piling up, you’ll be thankful that you took the time to reduce your costs.