Transferring Music onto your IPod

In order to transfer music onto your IPod, you will need the following items: Your IPod, The IPod USB cord for your model, a computer with USB ports, and the ITunes software.
First, you will need to move the music you want on your IPod into your ITunes library. There are many ways to do this; the most simple is to go to the File menu in ITunes, and select “Add Folder to Library.” This will give you a folder select window- navigate to the folder where your music is stored, but instead of going into the folder, click on the folder once to select it and click the “Select Folder” button.
Once your music is in your ITunes library, transferring it to the IPod can be done in many ways. One is to transfer a playlist to the IPod- To create a playlist either click the “+” button on the lower left part of the screen or go to the File menu and select “New Playlist” (the default keyboard shortcut for this is CRTL+N). An icon will appear in the left column of the ITunes program with a text box next to it- type the name for your playlist and hit Enter, or just hit Enter to keep the name “untitled playlist”; you can always change the name of a playlist by double-clicking the name in the left column of the program.
To add songs to your playlist, click “Music” under the heading “Library” in the left column. This will lead you to the music you have placed into your Library. To add songs to the playlist, drag and drop them from the list onto the icon for your new playlist in the left column.
Some time-saving tips: to select a continuous group of songs, click the topmost one, hold down the Shift key, and select the bottom-most song. To select a group of songs not next to each other on the list, select one, then hit the Control button while clicking on the rest to select them. To add entire albums at once, drag and drop the album cover, which is shown next to the list of songs.
Once you have finished constructing your playlist, you are ready to begin transferring music onto your IPod. Make sure the IPod is on, and plug the USB cord into an empty USB port on your computer. Then, plug the cord into the IPod. Give the computer a minute or so to register the IPod being plugged in, and it should appear in the left column under the heading “IPod.”
Once this happens, you can transfer the playlist onto the IPod. to do this, click the playlist icon in the left column and drag it to your IPod in the same column. You will know it is working if the dialog box in the top and center of ITunes shows a progress bar, and an icon appears next to your IPod’s name in the left column that looks like cycling arrows. Make sure to wait until the sync is completed before unplugging your IPod.
When they sync is complete, the progress bar will disappear from the top-center dialog, and the cycle symbol will disappear from next to your IPod’s name in the left column list. You can then click the eject button to the right of your IPod’s name to safely eject the IPod, and remove the USB cable. You will then have music on your IPod.

Happy listening!