External Hard Disks For Personal Use

There are tons of external hard disks that can be utilized for personal use. These external disk drives are portable and great sources of backups.

External drives that were capable of holding large data backups were previously for organizational data. Users were stuck with floppy disks as their only external form of backup media. These files were okay for storing word documents, but there was really no way to back up large amounts of data on an internal hard drive.

After digital technology began to grow at rapid rates it was inevitable that the demand for large capacity storage devices would follow. External drives became bigger in what seemed like an overnight transformation in efforts to help appease user demands for backup storage.

Today the demand increases with 1TB and 2TB external drives as some of the top sellers in the external hard disk industry. These external drives are good for PC users because they actually have the capacity to back up an entire drive without burning a stack DVDs for the sake of data storage. This is a time and money saver.

The industry standards for external devices at the moment currently fall into three different sizes. There are flash drives that are referred to as thumb drives because of the size. Most of these are small in hard drive storage size when compared to the other two bigger drives.

The next category up is the Passport. These drives are compact and they usually can fit in your pocket. These drives are commonly sold in 80GB, 250GB, 500GB, and 750GB. The Passport even has a 1TB available, but these drives are typically steps behind the bigger external hard drives that have storage capacity of as much as 2TB.

The difference between the Passport drive and bigger drives is how they are powered. A Passport can plug into a desktop’s USB port and this is all that is needed. The bigger external disk drives may have more space, but most of them require a USB and a power connection.

Both types are great for backups and general file storage. This is best for storing entire collections. If a user only has word documents are other small files they could save their money and opt for a flash drive. The high capacity hard drives are for PC users that are truly serious about data storage. Anyone that has a large collection of movie, video, picture and software files will want to seriously consider the purchase of an external drive. These drives can actually help users free up space by transferring the files to the external drive.

If the data is really important the user may even want to consider purchasing two external hard drives in the effect that one drive fails. Most drives work relatively well for long amounts of time, but you can never be too cautious in concerns to backing up data.

Several of the hard drives that are available come with extra features that will allow you to clone your PC. Some even offer security features to help you protect your data. The market has really changed. The average home user now has the ability to back up large amounts of data.

Some of the companies that have made this possible are Western Digital and Sea Gate. Both have become very well-known manufacturers of internal hard drives. It only seemed natural that these two competitors would also dominant the external hard disk market as well. Manufacturers of the Passport are also a major player in the external hard disk industry.

Users have no real excuse for not backing up their data with the invention of external hard drives with such large amounts of space. There are many options, and there appears to be a size that will satisfy almost any PC user. External drives are extremely valuable tools for portability that can help you organize thousands of files.