How To Choose A PC Case

Building your own PC is fun and best of all, you get exactly what you want and ONLY what you want. When choosing a PC case or PC tower, the amount of choices can be boggling. You have choices like style, colors, clear side windows or no window and more. However, while things like color and side windows are important if you want a hot looking PC, the color and the presence of a side window will do nothing for the functionality of your custom built PC. I’ll guide you on some things to consider when choosing a PC case.

Air Flow

If you know enough to build your own PC, you are likely aware that heat can kill your PC. It’s important to choose a case that promotes good air flow. The hard drive, the processor, the memory, the video card and maybe more parts inside you case all generate heat. You do not want all that heat trapped inside your PC case or it could turn your PC case into an oven. You need a lot of wide open area inside the PC case that you choose. You need fan mounts in the rear to suck the hot hair out of your PC case. One thing that many don’t think about is that hot air rises. Search for a case that has one or two fan mounts on the top of the PC case to make sure the heat that rises to the top of your case is quickly dispersed outside the PC case.

Fan Placement

You want a PC case that has plenty of places where you can mount cooling fans. Most PC cases have fan mounts on the rear of the case. That’s fine and they should be there but the more powerful your PC is, the more heat it will generate. If you have a beefy and powerful PC, you should have fans In the rear of the PC case, about two fans on TOP of the PC case, and it wouldn’t hurt to have a hard drive fan or fans on the inside of the case to help keep your hard drive(s) cool. You hard drive is your computer’s heart and the CPU or processor is your computer’s brain.

Low Noise

Now I’ve seem some PCs that sound like a diesel engine. You can buy decent fans that run very quietly but a fan is only as good as the case it’s mounted to. Some of the parts in your PC vibrate a bit. Parts like your hard drive for example. If your hard drive vibrates a bit (and they all do) and is mounted in a cheap PC case, the vibration against where the hard drive is mounted will make noise. A well made PC case should be solid inside and out. You should not be able to move any of the parts inside it that are not meant to move. Not even a little bit. That little bit of movement or play in a part can be noisy. Now some users don’t care how loud their PC is but if you’re on your PC in the bedroom while your wife is sleeping or you do recording with your PC, you want a quiet PC.

The Appearance And Style

I’ve seen some PC cases that look awesome but looks can be deceiving. I’ve seen some PC cases that look very generic and plain but ran cool and quiet and performed great. The choices are plenty when searching for a PC case. Don’t get caught up in all the excitement of the metallic blue painted PC case with the dragon graphic painted on one side and a clear plexiglass window on the other side. I know that it’s only $55 US dollars but you get what you pay for son. It may look killer but the inside of it may be a totally different story. You get what you pay for 90% of the time when choosing a PC case.

Do your best to get a large case. The larger your case is, the cooler your PC will run in most cases.

So there you have it. Go read some reviews, shop around and kick some tires (metaphorically speaking of course). Have fun building your new PC.