How to Select the Best Laser Printer

Computers have become a basic part of everyday life. They help us to manage our offices, communicate with our loved ones, shop in the ease of our home, and stay updated with the latest happenings around the world. However, owning just a computer does not help you in all tasks. Various accessories such as printers, scanners, speakers, etc. add to the value of the machine. Out of these, the printer is the most important accessory used widely in offices and home.


Printers have gone through many changes over the years. The dot matrix printer was the first printer, it used dots to create text on paper. It was followed by inkjet printers, which use tiny jets of ink to create images on the sheet. Now it is the age of Laser printers where text and images are created using a laser beam. They are available in two forms- Monochrome (black and white) and color printer.

How to select the Best Laser Printer

When you go to stores, you will find a variety of printers tagged with competitive prices and discounts. However, before buying any of them, have your needs and requirements in mind. It is also necessary to know how the printers work. Inkjet printers are most suitable when you plan to mainly print graphics and less text; whereas, if your work demands printing of more text and less graphics, choose a Laser printer.

How to select the best laser printer is a big issue for most of us. Well, here is the solution. Based on your tasks, select a Monochrome printer or a color printer. A Monochrome laser printer costs around $150 or even less while a color laser printer costs 9-10 times more than a Monochrome. Inkjet is the best alternative in this case.


With laser printers the quality of the prints and the efficiency of the printer are determined by its memory space. Laser printers can save the documents and print high-resolution text instantly. If your printer has more memory space, it can save more documents and print faster. The memory also sets the resolution of the texts and adjusts as per its capacity.

If you own a cheap Laser printer with less memory space, make sure it can be upgraded with more memory in the future. If you require a Laser printer for your personal use or for a small office, you can go in for one with 64 MB of memory space. If you are intending to connect it to multi users or if you require it for heavy printing purposes select a Laser printer with at least 128MB of memory space. Always choose those models, which offer upgrade options.

Quality (Resolution)

Knowing if you want a color Laser Printer with a lot of memory is not enough. You must know how to compare the quality of the models and their overall effectiveness before taking it to the checkout counter. A laser printer offers the best sharp quality prints when it comes to text. However, for graphics you need to be resolution specific, the higher the resolution of your printer, the clearer the images. When buying a Monochrome Laser printer, check for the one with a resolution of at least 600 by 600. For even better results, you can choose 1200 by 1200. Quality prints on color laser printers can be expected only if the resolution is at least 2400 by 1200.

Cost and speed of Laser printers

For personal use, select laser printers that cost around $150-$200. They are capable of printing 200 pages per week. Their speed would be about eight pages per minute. If you require a printer for a small office or group, choose the ones, which can print 1000 pages per week and cost around $1000 to $6000. These printers can print about 24 pages per minute. If you own a publishing house or printing press, you must choose the best ones, which can print 700 pages per minute. These laser printers offer the best quality and speed. They cost about $100,000 or more. They can print continuously for long hours without break.

If you consider the above aspects before choosing a laser printer, ‘How to select the best laser printer’ will never be a big issue for you.