Tips to Choose the Best Flat Screen Monitor

With technology constantly changing, consumers may feel overwhelmed when it comes time to choose a monitor for their computer. Flat screen monitors are all the rage today. Their sleek, compact design and crisp picture make them very appealing. If you are planning on purchasing a new flat screen monitor, you are going to want the best. In order to find the very best monitor for you, follow some of these pointers.

Determine your specific needs. Every user has different needs when it comes to a monitor. Some may just want to free up space on their desk or in their home office. Others want the latest and greatest gadgets on the market to impress their friends or co-workers. Based on your intended use, you can narrow down the type of flat screen monitor for you by size and budget. If you want a monitor for videos and gaming, you may want to choose a larger flat screen model. If your issue is space, go for a standard size monitor. There are monitors to suit every need and budget.
Check the viewing angle. Some monitors are made for viewing from a wide angle. If you often share your screen with a crowd, consider a model that experiences less image degradation. When you compare specifications, remember the larger the numbers, the better.

Look for easy adjustments. Most new monitors tilt to display up or down, side to side. Some monitors allow you to adjust the height. Some may be easier to adjust than others. If you think you may be needing to adjust your flat screen monitor for presentations, choose one that is able to rotate. Check for convenient control location. If you need to adjust the contrast or brightness, you want controls that are easily accessible.

Try it out. What may be a great monitor for your friend, might not be for you. It is important that you test the monitor before buying. Your preference will impact your decision. Some people prefer brighter pictures, while others do not. It is all about what you want in your monitor. You may want a glossy finish instead of a matte-finish screen. The amount of light in your home can affect your monitor’s display. The glossy screen makes dark areas appear deeper and less washed out in brightly lit rooms. The drawback is that glossy screens also reflect light-colored objects in the room like a mirror.

Inquire about warranty options. Most flat screen monitors come standard with one year manufacturer warranties. If you are buying a used monitor, you may want to check with the manufacturer beforehand to see how much time is left on the warranty. When buying a flat screen monitor for a store, look for one that offers an extended warranty plan. If you are buying an inexpensive monitor, it may not be worth the extra cost.

Did you know flat screen monitors use less energy than the older model monitors? Investing in a new flat screen monitor can reward you with savings on your electric bill.