Treating your Batteries Right

Think back to why it was that you chose a laptop over a desktop computer. Each of us have our own personal reasons, but most of them revolve around freedom to compute where and when you want or saving space. Whether you do your computing from your recliner or on the road for work, you need to have that trusty battery ready and willing to give it’s all when you need it. What a lot of portable computer users do not realize is that you need to keep your battery in great shape so it will perform at the top of its game so you can perform at the top of yours. How do you keep yourself in shape, exercise. It is the same principle for your battery. I know that I do not like to carry two batteries with me and have one charge while I use the other because neither will last longer than an hour or two. And there is nothing more emberassing than having to stop what you are doing and try to get back to where you left off because you had to change your battery or plug in the computer in the middle of a presentation in a business meeting.

So how do we avoid running into these situations? There are a few things you can do to keep your battery in tip top shape. It acutally wants to work for you believe it or not. So be sure to charge it up completly and use it to its fullest extent. Most batteries last longer and perform better when they are charged and used as opposed to charged and stay charged. Charge and exhaust your battery at least 3 times a month. Keeping your batteries clean and safe is also very important. You take care when storing or transporting your laptop, make sure your battery gets the same consideration. Make it a point to check the connection points on your battery. They can get dirt, dust and fuzz on the contacts just with regular usage. So make sure to use an alcohol swab to clean the contacts regularly.

In order to get the most life out of your battery there are also a few things to keep in mind when working while on battery power. If you are not using your mp3 player or other external devices, unplug them from your computer. Make sure you check with your computer technician to verify you have the proper amount of memory for your usage. Your computer uses virutal memory to assist in some computing situations and that will use additional power. Check the manual for your laptop or the settings on your system for the best power saving features. Some of these features may include lowering the brightness of your screen, or having it go into power save mode when not working on it for 15 minutes.

Always review your manual to get the best results from all components of your laptop, but these were just a few things to keep in mind for happy computing.