What Do You Know About USB Computer Speakers?

If you answered “not much” you’re not alone. Most people have no idea what different components of their computers are, or how they work. They simply take them for granted and accept that they do what is needed.

Computer speakers come in several styles depending on the type of computer you have. Most desktops still utilize a speaker port in the back of the, but with the incorporation of more and more USB ports for peripheral devices, speakers are made to be connected to them. The USB connection is even more important for laptop users.

Many laptop internal speakers are sorely lacking and with the need to connect to online meetings, desire to watch videos and listen to music on the move, having portable speakers that hook up to a laptop using a USB port. They don’t need electricity. USB computer speakers utilize computer as a source of power.

Many USB computer speakers completely bypass the existing sound card in the system as well. This fact helps out if you develop a problem with your computer’s internal speakers because of a faulty sound card.

Some portable USB computer speakers fold to be ultra compact. This is a great feature for people who need to hook up their laptop on the run and don’t want bulky equipment to tote along.

Sound Quality

Sound quality is always important when you’re talking about speakers, but what you can deal with and what you absolutely need will determine to a great extent how much your speakers will cost. USB computer speakers typically come in 2.0 watt varieties. This is a lower mid-range speaker quality suitable for listening to online seminars and watching videos or listening to music for fun. For sharper sound, or better distinction or volume levels USB computer speakers do come in a higher capacity up to 3.2 watts, and rarely 4.0 watts for the highest level of clarity.

Be careful selecting very cheap speakers, and some ultra compact styles also, may be severely limited with watt outputs lower than 2.0. The lowest commercially available computer speakers have 1.2 watts. These speakers may work fine if you do not need a great deal of volume, or if you are not into gaming. For most users, 2.0 is the lowest watt output that is acceptable. Even 2.0 w USB computer speakers are available at very economically reasonable prices. In 2010 the average prices for USB computer speakers ranged from $10 to $40.

However, if you aren’t concerned with portability, but rather desire excellent sound you can find speaker systems such as the Logitech Z-5 USB stereo speaker. These work well on both PC and MAC and have full 360 degree surround sound thanks to omnidirectional technology. They are a tall tower set of speakers that work fine with both desktop or laptop models, but won’t fit in a carrying case very easily. They also run a little higher in price with an average cost of $80.00. This is a great set of speakers for gamers, musicians who use computer generated sound, or video creators who need excellent sound quality. They are also wonderful for watching multi-media files.

The nice thing about modern computer technology is that most devices such as USB computer speakers are “plug n play” and no programming skills are required, no program application installation is needed, you simply hook the speakers to an available port and you’re ready to enjoy great quality sound.