Boost Your WordPress Traffic With These Great Plugins

No one creates a WordPress blog with the intention of keeping it a secret. A WordPress user wants to be recognized for the things they write and followed by people that appreciate that knowledge. Increasing traffic is one of the main goals of any Web site owner, including WordPress blog owners. A blog can be the best blog in the world, but if search engines don’t pick it up, users will never know about it.

For many years, WordPress plugins have been helping users increase the traffic they receive to their blog. These tools help WordPress pages rank higher in search engines and meet all the rules of SEO. Social plugins have become popular in recent years too. Here are a few WordPress plugins that can finally get people pouring into your site and enjoying the work you do:

– Sociable: This plugin is available to users that want to gain traffic by having visitors spread the word on social networks. When you install the plugin, you give your users the option of sharing your site or page on 99 distinct social networks that can give your traffic a boost very quickly. This plugin works best for blogs that already have at least a small following. If no one has found your site yet, there won’t be enough people to make this tool useful yet.

– SEO platinum: Canonical URLs have been all the rage for the past few years, mainly because search engines place such a premium on them when ranking Web pages in their results. This plugin will make your URLs canonical for search engines and it will help you redirect pages that are renamed. Page titles are also optimized, along with a host of other tools that help your blog be as SEO prepared as possible.

– Keyword Stats: This is formally known as the Keyword Statistics plugin. Its purpose is to generate optimized keywords for your keyword tag. It also helps you keep track of keyword density, something that search engines sometimes look closely for when

– Subscribe to comments: Whenever you let users have an easy way to return to your site and develop an addictive attachment to a post, you increase your chances of retaining those visitors and increasing your traffic in the long run.

– SMS Text Message Plugin: You’ll love this one. Whenever your blog is updated, users are sent a text message. If they instantly rush to your site, you’re in business. This is for traffic building for serious bloggers that update often and want to create a large following.

– Google Sitemap Generator: You can instantly create a Google Sitemap whenever your page is updated. The faster Google indexes those pages, the faster visitors can find them. Google appreciates a Sitemap. There are no rewards for having one, but they usually help your site pages show up in search engine results much more quickly.

– CommentLuv: This automatically enters a URL that people can link to. If your comments section is very interesting, it’s possible that other web users will pass it on to others, instantly gaining you new traffic.

WordPress plugins like this can greatly increase your traffic and help keep that traffic coming back over the years. As your traffic accumulates, so will your popularity with search engines. This is the kind of traffic boost that can come on quickly and allow you to communicate with your visitors in a way that you’ve dreamed of. If you install these plugins, your chances of being found in search engines greatly increase, your visitors are more interested and might share your pages with others, and search engines will be able to find you more easily thanks to sitemaps.

All of these tools can only help your traffic grow if you have valuable content that your users will love to read. It’s for this reason that the final responsibility for traffic growth is your own hard work and dedication to building a quality blog.