Control How Much You Spend Each Day on Google Ads

The Explicit Need

The Google affiliate ad program, where affiliates place Google ads on their site and get paid for clicks on those ads, has become very popular with affiliate marketers.  As a result, Google ads are an excellent option for advertising your products or services.  Unfortunately, many businesses spend more than they can afford to have Google ads.  It is possible, however, to take advantage of the popularity without destroying your budget.

Simple Tricks to Control Spending

Google ad campaigns have several built-in features that can help you control how much you spend each day for your ads.

•    Daily limits.  With Google ads, you can set a daily limit on your spending.  Setting a maximum amount to spend on ads each day ensures you don’t go over budget on your ad expenses.  When you reach your daily limit, your ad is no longer shown, so you do not receive any more clicks to your site.

•    Targeting.  Your advertising can be targeted to specific geographic regions and/or specific languages.  If your business only caters to people in the United States, it is a waste of advertising money to have anyone else click on your ad.  By targeting your ad so it is only displayed to those who can use your products or services, you not only increase your chances of making a sale, but also save money by not having wasted clicks.

•    Price setting.  You set the price for each click on your ad.  While it is a good idea to set a price that will give you the highest ranking possible, it is also a good idea to keep in mind how many clicks you can afford at any given rate.  The higher your price-per-click, the fewer times your ad can be clicked before hitting your maximum spend for the day.  Strive to have a balance between placement and clicks on your ad.

Using Keywords to Control Spending

When you define the keywords for your ad, you try to use keywords that will generate the most clicks because that is how you get sales.  It is possible to control your daily spending by setting keywords other than the most commonly searched.  By using keywords that are more specific, and less commonly used, your ad will not be seen as often, but those with a genuine interest in what you have to offer will see it.  This keeps you from wasting money on clicks caused by curiosity, and it gives you the added benefit of having your products and services seen by those who are more likely to buy what you are offering.

Conclusion in a Nutshell

Google ads offer an excellent opportunity for selling your products or services, but they can cost more than your budget allows.  Controlling how much you spend each day on Google ads not only keeps your advertising expense within your budget, but also it helps ensure that your ad is seen by those who are genuinely interested in making a purchase from you.

“An acre of performance is worth a whole world of promise” quips William Dean Howells.  By limiting the area and scope of your campaign and controlling your spending increases your profits, helping to ensure the long-term success of your business.