Discover Online PC Support

Once upon a time, if a problem was experienced with a computer, the technician had to come to the computer in order to evaluate and fix the problem. This entailed setting up an appointment and hoping the technician would be available immediately. All work stopped until the technician arrived, a severe inconvenience to say the least!

Today, there is the remarkably convenient process called remote PC support which consists of choosing a technician online (independents or through a company), who then connects to your computer from his/her computer. Once the connection is made, the technician can take over your computer and work with it as though he/she was there at your desk with your computer! They can then navigate through the programs and applications on the computer to see what the problem(s) may be with little to no assistance from the user.

A number of well-known manufacturers and software companies, such as Dell and other companies working in partnership with Microsoft, provide remote PC support for a fee. There are also numerous other online PC support companies that offer services ranging from working with a specific computer problem, to removing dangerous spyware and viruses, to complete diagnostic checkups and tune-ups. In fact, many of these companies offer support covering any and all computer problems or needs a person or company may experience. There are plans where customers can pay per incident, per month, or plans are offered under one-year contracts. Some of them offer their services as needed by the customer charging an hourly fee instead of offering contracts. Most offer 24/7 availability which makes it the equivalent of having IT services at your doorstep whenever and wherever needed — a vast improvement over waiting for a technician to show up at an appointed time.

Businesses especially will be interested in a technology provider that offers a full spectrum of support from information regarding the purchase and set up of computers to the maintenance of those computers while they’re in use. There are PC support companies that offer this type of assistance, along with remote PC support and onsite support. Onsite support is specifically useful to those who are new to computers as becoming familiar with computer technology and terminology can be like learning another language. Having an actual person there to show the customer exactly what’s needed eliminates a lot of the anguish and frustration involved with attempting to resolve the problem on their own.

There are also websites that are run by volunteers which offer free technical support but they may not work as efficiently as the sites for which a fee is paid. After all, volunteers have lives . . . and probably other jobs as well! However, there are advantages to these sites because they offer self-help tips and tutorials that can work wonders when it comes to helping someone solve problems on their own. At the same time, this self-help process teaches a person important lessons about their computer. Some of the free sites accept voluntary donations to assist in keeping their sites up and running.

The nature of computer problems is they tend to happen suddenly and without warning, always leaving the user stranded and helpless. Panic sets in and the only thing we want is to get the problem solved as quickly as possible without waiting for help to arrive. While computers have been simplified in many ways, for those who are not technologically inclined, they can still present an intimidating and confusing challenge. There are also those who simply want to be able to work on their computers, having little or no interest in dealing with the operational problems that can occur. Because of reasons such as these, remote PC support is considered to be a necessary godsend which will help all computer users, no matter what their level of interest or experience, get the best possible use and enjoyment from their computers.